<br /> Simple Present – Irregular<br />

Odaberi tacne odgovore iz padajuceg menija, zatim pritisni “Proveri” kako bi proverio svoje odgovore. Pritisni dugme rešenja ako želiš da vidiš odgovore na sva pitanja.

  1. 01 Her friend to college. (to go)
  2. 02 I never milk in my coffee. (to put)
  3. 03 The cooks the dishes at the end of the day. (to do)
  4. 04 Oliver the company car. (to drive)
  5. 05 It a very sunny day today. (to be)
  6. 06 Derek and Lisa movies every Saturday. (to watch)
  7. 07 Mr. Rodgers e-mails in the morning. (to write)
  8. 08 Steven often tennis. (to play)
  9. 09 I always right. (to be)
  10. 10 Every Sunday my father at 7 o’clock. (to get up)
  11. 11We sometimes around the supermarket. (to look)
  12. 12She to gain confidence. (to try)
  13. 13They a well-kept front yard. (to have)
  14. 14 Matt her handwriting. (can/not/to read)
  15. 15I swimming. (to enjoy)
  16. 16Bill that Ron and Todd rather humorous. (to think) (to be)
  17. 17My father often queues. (to jump)
  18. 18 Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. (to be)
  19. 19 Water when it . (to expand) (to freeze)
  20. 20 Lothar usually German on the telephone. (to speak)